Modular Services


Modular Financial Services

At Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Ltd., our solutions include a complete range of financial and investment services designed to lay the groundwork for your future financial success. Depending on your needs, you can decide whether to apply our services through a comprehensive approach or a modular approach.

Our modular approach features all of the services available to you through the comprehensive approach, but with the ability to select each service individually on an as-needed basis. The following modular services offer a more personal and targeted approach.

Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

An Investment Policy Statement is a simple tool we use to help draw your financial planning roadmap based on our discussions and an analysis process. We’ll work closely with you to develop an IPS that identifies your unique financial needs, goals and objectives so that we can best manage your investments.

Investment Management Services (IMS) –

Financial & Portfolio Advisors will implement your agreed upon portfolio strategy, usually outlined in the IPS, and begin the ongoing process of managing your investment portfolio.

Following are the fundamental principles we follow when it comes to designing your investment portfolio and making specific recommendations:

We realize that no one can predict the future. Differences in opinion make a market. Investment and economic “experts” provided with the same information often come to different conclusions.

We do believe, however, that valuable insight can be gained from: Demographics; studying the historic trends; the understanding of relationships between investment classes; and the philosophies and approaches of successful investment managers.

The appropriate allocation of investment assets for your goals and risk tolerance is the most important component in developing an investment portfolio.

Other Financial Services

Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Ltd., offers a wide range of fee-based services for our investment management clients. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your specific financial goals.

Interested in learning more about how our modular services can help set you up for future financial success? Call or visit our office today.