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Comprehensive Financial Services

At Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Ltd., our solutions include a complete range of services designed to set you up for future financial success. Depending on your needs, you can decide to apply our offerings through either a comprehensive approach or a modular approach.

Our comprehensive approach consists of two major elements, Asset Accumulation Strategy (AAS) and Wealth Preservation Strategy (WPS).

Asset Accumulation Strategy (AAS)

Financial & Portfolio Advisors, Ltd., uses multiple Asset Accumulation Strategies (AAS) that revolve around demographics. AAS is an ongoing, continually changing process that requires involvement from both us and you in order to keep your investment portfolios aligned with your goals. This method also allows us to actively manage your portfolios and help you get through any economic situation.

Wealth Preservation Strategy (WPS)

Our Wealth Preservation Strategy (WPS) applies tax-efficient disciplines that help you keep more of your hard-earned money. WPS, which we also refer to as “financial coaching”, is an ongoing and evolving process that requires continued involvement from both you and our staff. WPS is multi-step process that incorporates the following services:

  • Goal and Client-Oriented Financial and Retirement Planning

    For clients approaching retirement, this plan will evaluate your current financial situation and suggest a strategy to help you achieve certain goals. By addressing your needs as they emerge, this goal and client-based service allows our company to grow with you.

  • Tax Efficient Distribution Services (TEDS)

    We offer a tax-efficient distribution strategy that helps you avoid unnecessary taxes while retaining as much of your retirement savings as possible. This service includes a 5-Step Action Plan that helps you manage your assets.

  • Complete Care Solutions (CCS)

    Our staff reviews all of your important documents to make sure they’re accurate, complete and updated. If documents are missing, we’ll be sure to let you know. CCS may include the following three solutions: Account Owner’s Care, Account Beneficiary’s Care and Special Issues Care Solution.

  • Coordination of Other Professional, Financial and Legal Services (CORD)

    This unique service involves the coordination of your investment planning with other services you receive and professionals you work with. Our staff will happily assist you with your additional business or financial relationships.

Interested in learning more about how we use comprehensive services to make the most of your investment portfolios? Call our office at (734) 261-4011 or email us today.